WMA tag editor / renamer

I’ve recently started collecting music in WMA format. However I don’t like the filename format and need a tag editor / renamer that handles WMA. Actually, WinAmp edits the tags fine so I really only need a renamer. I found one called ‘The Rename’ but it can’t seem to find the ‘Album Name’ field in newer WMA versions. There are plenty of good free MP3 renamers, but most don’t do WMA, so please don’t recommend an MP3 tag tool unless you know for sure it works with WMA too. TIA. :flower:

I don’t know about changing the WMA equivelent of “id3 tag” information,
but renaming the entire file is considerably more simple.

You can do it in widows or you can use a file management program
to do your renaming.

Personally I use an old file management program calles Z-Tree to do
my renaming and to create folders.

There is the name of a program that will rename WMA files,
but the name is just out of reach mentally…

You ever have one of those thoughts you can just “touch with the fingertip”,
but can’t “get a grip on”?

I sure that Windows Media Player will edit the metadata
(tag) for a WMA audio file, atleast the simple things like title,
album artist, track #, etc.

From past experience with WMP I’ll point out one glitch that
WMP has if used that way.

Just make sure that you aren’t actually playing any of the tracks
that you are using WMP to edit the meta data of.

WMP doesn’t inform you of any "file sharing errors"
it simple pretends to make the change but doesn’t do it.

So if one of the tracks you want to edit meta data on
has been played in that session (Played, played and
paused or stopped) you need to play another song from
(atleast momentarily) to clear the file
sharing conflict

Because until you play another file WMP will see the last file
has been played as “in use” (even though WMP was the
program using it:)


I can edit the meta data just fine in WinAmp. What I seek is a program to rename the files like this: Title - Artist - Album.wma based on the meta data.

That’s a bit more difficult.

Excuse me while I go all philosophical whle avoiding asking you why you want to name them that way…

Personally I use simple filenames, just the track title, with a three digit track number.

I believe the artist and album title are best used “lower” in the file path, as folder and subfolder names.

there are practical limitations on the length of file names and if you have a long track title and a long album title it can add up to some really rediculously long file names.

I started naming my files that way, but it seemed too combersome

Also on a computer screen looking at a column of file names seeing
the artist and album title with the track title rolled off the right margin of the screen made it a real PITA to find anything.

So my naming scheme is now:

F:\mp3 Library\Led Zeppelin\02 Led Zeppelin II\007 Ramble On.mp3

It seems some artists specifically choose long album and track titles simply to be annoying.

Like Collective Soul’s album: “Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid” and that’s just the album title, THANK GOD that there
isn’t a title track the same name :open_mouth:

with the “traditional” mp3 naming scheme that you are looking for
you can have a track title/file name like:

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits - Don’t Come Around Here No More.mp3

that’s seventy four characters & spaces before the “dot” & three character file extension and to be specific that’s the exact file name that nearly made me “Go postal” about the whole “Artist - Album Title - Track Title.mp3” file naming scheme.

stop the madness…

folder\subfolder\file name.mp3
Artist\album rack title.mp3

It may be simple and stupid
but it’s also simple stupid and it WORKS.
and in the greater scheme of things “works” is all that
really matters.

I just keep all my music in one or two folders. Hence the Title - Artist - Album.ext format. To me it’s lot’s simpler to let WinAmp sort it into Albums or Artists or Titles or Year or any other way I feel like sorting it at the moment.

I save mine the way I do because it’s much easier to find anything when I want to burn it t a disc for mobile use

I use seperate software to do each part of the operation
because I’ve yet to find anything that does ALL the jobs
well So I use whatever software does each job “best” for
each operation and then IGNORE any other capabilities
of that software.

EAC to rip
Switch Sound to convert/compress
TagScanner to edit tags
WMP for home playback
Z-Tree for file management (Duplication & Movement of
files, creation of directory structure, etc)
Roxio to burn mp3 to optical discs
EAC to burn any CDA discs.

The main thing is I do my extraction and "processing"
production line style in batches, usually ten CD’s at a time,
because that’s how many I can race through in an hour or
hour and a quarter.

This combination works for me.

whatever works for you.