Wma protection



does anybody know how to remove wma protection

from media player wma files or how to convert them


in winamp, change the output to be a .wav file with the winamp disk writer plugin. then play the file back, and you’ll have a new .wav file. then you can convert the .wav file into an mp3 or whatever other format you like.


Just convert it! :wink:


Don’t think this works. The latest versions of Winamp don’t support wma to wav converting. And the old versions cannot convert DRMprotected wma.
In the past you could remove the protection with unfuck.exe but that doesn’t work for the new protection MS uses.

As far as I know recording tot Wav with Total Recorder (www.highcriteria.com) is the only solution. But if someone can come up with a faster alternative….


Wookie, If this works: i luuuuv you…
But very nice of you.


LOL at unfuck.exe lol …God luv you guys…Im going to go check out the total recorder thingy. So pissed here, buying music and then cant use it cause its protected. I paid for it wtf.



i don’t know if you noticed, but this thread is OVER FIVE YEARS old.

much of what they were discussing is probably very far outdated by this point.



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