WMA/MP3-compatible portable CD Player



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Blackbeard used our newssubmit to tell us that Kenwood brings us a new product, a CD player that can play Audio, MP3 and WMA CD’s. The CD’s can be burned on both a CD-R and a CD-RW CD. The 160-second…

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That’s very cool. Now all it needs is a little pop-up screen to watch my DivX;-) Cdr’s ! That would make it a must have :slight_smile:


Shit I just by A MP3 Car radio from kenwood and now there is a diskman shit WMA+MP3 now looking for a Firmware for my car radio and flash the shit so i can plat WMA on my car-hifi also


Rio got such an drive like ages ago. its called rio volt and can play wma and mp3’s to! and in my opinion it looks better to! just to bad that no store in europ is having one and the shipping from the US is just to much :frowning:


I live in the UK and I got me a Rio Volt about a month ago seeing as they won’t be out in Europe until the summer! Have to say they are DEFINITELY worth it despite the shipping costs - bought 2 of them and it worked out at £308 (for both-£154)which ain’t bad compared with other MP3 players out there. £45 of that just on import tax to bring them into this country though - how harsh is that??? :frowning:


Anybody knows if this puppy shows songtitles (id3 tags and thigs like that)?


You get the artist name and title, and Rio occasionally release new firmware so you can download it, stick it on a CD-RW and flash the memory :slight_smile: