WMA & MAC problems



Hi all

Im new to this lot but I hope you can help

I have a little website and some audio downloads are in wma format.

most of them are around 2mb but when I try to convert to mp3 they jump to 20mb+

I am loooking to either convert them to the same size if poss in mp3 or
find some software that will allow mac users to play them.

only 5 of the downloads will run on a mac - I think some sort of encoding has gone on somewhere - as the files are from another source

the files in question are

any help would be appreciated

Gibby Fisk


you should convert wma -> wav -> mp3 for them. lowest quality settings on mp3 should be fine as its only voice. how long are the files? 1 min of audio under wav -> 5 mb per channel, so if its in stereo -> 10 mb per minute