WMA Lossless to MP3 Help please

Help me please!
I’m going crazy with too much conflicting/differing/confusing advice.

I have ripped my entire CD collection to WMA Lossless, I now find that nothing will play it! I want to copy/trancode them to MP3 so they will work on my phone, portable mp3 player and my PS3.
Ideally I would want to do this in some sort of batch mode, which also maintains the folder structure the files are already in, album art etc.
I already have Nero v7 can this do it? I cant see how as it seems geared to burning cd’s
I also have WMP 11, but this only seems to want to sync to individual devices rather than convert the whole lot of files into MP3.
I’ve read Lame is the best converter, but this seems to be an add on to another piece of software.

Any advice welcome

Does WMP not play them? I don’t use WMP but perhaps there is a setting to NOT sync to devices…Try playing with foobar2k or Winamp…
Since you ripped from your own CD collection (no DRM), you should have no problem playing them…

I would recommend trying dBpowerAMP. It has a good batch mode, uses LAME and should be able to do the conversion while maintaining the folder structure. The free version does not support MP3, you need to purchase the Powerpack version (but there is a trial period).

Windows Media Player should be able to convert the files, but I have always just used something else instead. Nero can convert audio files, but curiously it is built into Nero Burning ROM rather than a separate tool. I don’t know if it supports lossesless WMA.