WMA Licences

Hi, im upgrading my pc at the moment. i have all my music stored on my laptop, and now i have a pc i want to trashpere it all. But thatnks to microsofts wonderful DRMv1 i am having terrible trouble. I thought i could backup the licencses on the laptop and restore them on my new pc, not the case, also the wonder people at M$ verify that your PC is the same PC. Has anyone got any ideas.

I have tried software like Freeme ( only fixes v2) and UnF***. To no avail.
:a :frowning: :a

You should be able to export your current licenses on your laptop. Which version of Media Player are you using? You should be able to go to Tools > License Management. From there, you can back up your licenses. Put the license backup on a floppy or wherever it fits, and do the same thing on your PC, except Restore the licenses this time.

Otherwise…no dice! Ask around and check Google for anything you can find. If all else fails, check the MS website!

Regards, and best of luck.