WMA is getting better (part 2)

I just posted the article WMA is getting better (part 2).

A few days ago we already reported about WMA workshop. Well

vertexlabs used our newssubmit to tell they have released Advanced WMA Workshop 1.01 today.

What’s new in this version:


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At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good it gets. People have a deep lack of trust for Microsoft and all it’s products and the fact that WMA was designed specifically to stop music piracy means that not many people are going to want to be using it for all of their music collection. It’s too much of a risk, In the next OS after WinXP MS Could suddenly put something into the OS that checked all WMA songs and didn’t alow pirated ones to play. mp3 has nothing built in to protect it and so it’s perfect!!

There is no way WMA could stop piracy. All you have to do is take the digital ID tag out before you encode. I agree Microsoft sucks in many ways. But the quality is better then MP3 and takes less space. I have to say. :8

Intrestingly enough, I recorded Brian Wilson the other night on the Jay Leno show - Video & Audio. I used an uncompressed Avi codec. I then processed it & converted the whole thing to a very sharp looking & big sounding DivX;-) file. Absolutely marvelous. But I needed to send it to a friend via email or through Kturn (Dsl/Cable is not available to me - I have a 2 modem multilink setup connecting at 81 kbps) . Believe it or not, after many many encoding sessions with the Xing Encoder (Mpeg1, Mpeg2), & the Windows Media encoder…the file that looked & sounded the best with the smallest file size, strictly for emailing purposes was the 512k Dsl/Cable modem setting inside of “Real Producer Basic” !! I am totally a DivX;-) fan, but when it came down to making a very small file (14 mb) from a very large file (1.6 gig) with acceptable results (remember, only for modem level email) , - the Real Media codec won. I wonder what codec they use? Needless to say, I, personally, was not impressed with the Windows Media Encoder in general.

WMA is getting better?? Yeah so what, according to M$ so’s WinDoze :stuck_out_tongue: Hope this is the last advertisement we’ll see for this inferior format(2’s enough).