WMA encoder microsoft download ?!?

i would like to try this encoder
where can i find a update ?
is free?
i use lame --alt preset
but i would like to give it a try!

Yes it’s free, yes it sucks, but if you want it: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/default.asp

yeah, it’s free
Cool Encoder ,If You Want To use WM codec 9 You Should Know The WM Bitrate Quality:

WMA Codec 7:
Mp3 (128k) = Wma (112k)
WMA Codec 8:
Mp3 (128k) = Wma (63k)
WMA Codec 9:
Mp3 (128k) = Wma (48kb)

But i suggest do not use wm encoder,it’s not a user friendly software,is suggest program like “Power MP3 WMA Converter”