WMA Audio Editor?



Is anyone here using a WMA audio editor? (preferably cheap or free).:slight_smile:
I’ve downloaded EXPStudio Audio Editor but haven’t figured out how to make it open .wma files. :confused: (Works fine with mp3 & wav; it’s supposed to work with wma.)
I guess the common method is to convert to WAV and then edit (Nero Wave Editor works OK for me).
My application: Olympus DM-10 solid state recorder for collecting my parents’ reminiscences; HQ is recorded in WMA format.


Yes, common method is to convert to WAV for editing. If you could find an audio editor that “edits WMA files”, it would be doing this in the background anyway.

Careful - when you save to WMA again, the recording will lose some sound quality. So it would be best to save all your work to WAV format or your editor’s native format, and only save back to WMA as a final copy.


I won’t be saving back to WMA; maybe some lossless format or probably just keep it as WAV.
Oh, I see now the free version only saves to WAV or MP2, anyway: http://www.expstudio.com/audioeditorfree.htm
. . . nevermind . . .
Edit: double nevermind, turns out Nero 6 Wave Editor does everything I need.
Thanks for the reply.


Well, WAV would be fine. In my case, I don’t trust the MP3 encoders built into audio editors, so I would want to use WAV anyway.

In any case, what I’m trying to say is that WAV is fine to save to. PCM-WAV can easily be encoded to a variety of other formats and itself is of course lossless.

Good to hear you found something that works for you.


kenja - if you REALLY want to edit wma (and not just chop them blindly with so called editors) you have to try Adobe Audition (but it sure ain’t cheap or free…).


(but it sure ain’t cheap or free…).


install Adobe audition and foobar with plugins :cop: