WM LightScribe Clearance Verbs 10pk/$4

I found a 10pk of Verbatim Light Scribe DVD+R for $4 at Walmart last night. They had a red clearance price tag. Maybe other stores have them too? I will try during lunch.

most of us in here dont use lightscribe. decent deal if you need it

Damn i have 5 WM in town to go to. I hope i find some.

Wow 5 WM in town :bow:
anyway I go look for Verb LS and 10pack DL ( I hope this one got red tag too )

The inner ring reads DVD+R 8x ZD4251-DVR-X47B-H1 PAHA11JJ2II73474

They are MIT. I will say there is a chance some other Walmart’s are clearing the out. 10-40%?

I forgot Thanks for info RyanChappelle :bow:
I going right now…log out :smiley:

Apparently at least SOME of us in here do use LightScribe.
I’ll be checking this deal out…

I don’t even have a LightScribe burner, but I will keep a few and borrow my friend’s to try it out.

I’ll have to check this out.

I just came back from two Walmart store
Sold Out :sad: anyway it was fun :iagree:
and My place Two walmart is totally different today
I can’t see any MIJ CD media it is All gone :sad:

No luck here either.

Very good deal and it is worth even for trail basis.

We never had any Verbs period at our Walmart but I just stopped by for something else and they didn’t have any.

They have tons of Imation Optodisc though but at $19 a 50 pack I had to pass…


I checked the local WM for LightScribe Verbatims and found nothing. I have never seen any Verbatims at WM.


lemme know if there is a 10% to 40% on top of the clearance price

For once, I’m in luck, 20 Wal-Marts in my area, 10 within 20 mins driving distance, and 5 of which are Super Stores…guess I’m off, thanks for the heads up!

I guess you got my meaning? I mean there is a small chance that you can find the Verb LS disks on clearance if you look around now.

BTW the second Walmart I went to today did not have the LightScribes. They had some electronics clearance items at 50% off the red tag! So their is a chance of your request being true!

I was temped to buy this console gaming car kit. 5.5 in LCD display, built in power inverter, $150 x 50% = $75!

3 down, last 2 tomorrow, not a single one…sheesh.

:eek: :eek: :eek:
20 store around your area :bow:
and lots of people went to WM today :bigsmile:

In the entire China they do not have 20WM, where do live that so many WM are being established there?.