WLTX-TV Sumter Court Said Woman Owed $0.63 in Child Support


Every time I think I have seen it all, with how stupid government can be I see something like this. Is it only in the USA that we do stupid things like this?

America … the most litigious society on earth …

Don’t worry, Britain and Oz will be following those footsteps shortly … and if the economy keeps going down, the rest of the world will follow :wink:

Doesn’t everyone just wish lawyers fees were cheaper? :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope his lawyers were working on a % of the winnings, rather than a fixed fee :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope his lawyers were working on a % of the winnings, rather than a fixed fee :p[/QUOTE]

Hahahaha…definitely! :bigsmile:

He could have one of the companies who send out letters to people who are due child support asking to help them get it of course for a fee. It would be nice to see them get there fee from .69 cents.

As funny as it is. I am not surprised. A school
which I won’t name came after my sister saying
that she owed $ 20.00 dollars to the school library
for a book her son had lost in the ninth grade. She
had paid it right at the time,and had a receipt to prove it.
However the school office never removed it from the
computer and five years later were asking for the money
again? She got it straitened out but, the system for some
reason doesn’t police it self or rather remove old data.

they will blame it on the computers garbage in garbage out

“My problem is the waste of resources,” she said. “This is crazy.”

:iagree: funny

jesus i live in USA and that makes us look sooooooo STUPID! … god, it makes you wonder WHO put them in power? lol

whoever did it must make the mentally handicapped look like rocket scientists lol