Wizard of Oz and 1.1.3

I’ve tried backing up Wizard of Oz in full movie mode and it produces a disc with unusable menus (any menu selection plays the movie). I also had a hard time getting the proper size for the disc, first using 4472 for size, 4444, 4000, 4375, and finaly fitting with a size of 4365. The VOB structure of this disc is strange - it has VOB stings of 1,048,000, followed by a smaller file, then back to 1,048,000 for the last few VOB’s of the main VOB string.

I tried to search here and Doom9 forums but the word ‘Oz’ is only two letters and not searchable in these forums.

I really wish to do a full movie back-up on this one, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ed Janx

I guess it has too many chapters if i remember correctly!?

Isnt there a chapter like every couple of minutes or so?

Please let us know