Without a paddle



I am trying to backup my copy of without a paddle using anydvd and clonedvd. All seems to go well but when I play the dvd about 10 mins in the video starts to distort and the dvd player clicks and then stops. When I try to jump to the next track it does the same. Tried backing it up twice with the same results. I have made several other backups with your software with excellent results. Not sure if the encryption is different on this dvd.

I was able to use dvddecrypter and shrink to make a backup that plays fine.
One thing I noticed while running shrink with the video on, there seem to be some pics of the cast talking, in several parts of the regular movie. It was almost like “extras” for the movie were mixed in with the regualr part of the movie…


I had no trouble backing up Without a Paddle with AnyDVD and CloneDVD. What version of AnyDVD where you using? I think I had at the time of the backup.


What brand media are you using - it’s very important to use good quality media. Most issues with skipping/freezing/stopping of movies is with media. Some good brands are Taiyo Yuden & Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemical Co - MCC).


I too had a problem with this movie. All was fine until 1 hour into the movie and then it totally skips a whole chapter. I tried to recopy and it did it again. I made sure all boxes were checked. Funny thing about it is when I played it in reverse the chapter was there and played through.


Do the created files play correctly from harddisk?


Thanks for the replies…it may be an issue with anydvd and not clonedvd, if someone was able to copy the movie with and older version of anydvd. I will try to play the movie from the harddisk and post my results. I am very impressed with the response time here…great support…


Just duped this one yesterday, no problems with the two latest versions of CloneDVD2 or AnyDVD.


What he said…No problems copying it here.


i had a similar problem a wk or so again. my problem turned out to be my dvd player. it would play anywhere from 1/3 hr to a hr into movie than it would freeze and skip. i tried the same disk on a progressive dvd player that was alot newer than mine and it played with no problems after replacing my dvd player i havnt had a problem since. you might try to play it on someones newer dvd player just to verufy that you didnt burn a drink coaster.