Without a Paddle error



Hey all, I am having a very odd problem trying to copy this movie.

Firstly, I am using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.

Secondly, I have tried ripping it to my HDD with DVD Decrypter and compressing /burning it with DVD Shrink, and I have also tried ripping/compressing/burning with DVD Shrink. The problem is this: It will not play on ANY DVD player, except the one in my computer. I have tried setting it to region free, I have tried setting it to region 1, and I have tried leaving the RCE Protection untouched. Nothing has worked. I have currently made 4-5 coasters because I cannot get it to work.

Any help or suggestions is highly appreciated. Thanks.


This could be bad / inferior media. It also could be a type of medium that your standalone DVD players just do not like. There are also other things it could be.

I would forget the “region” issue, I serioudly doubt if that has anything to do with your issue. Just leave the software settings at “Region Free.”

Are you seeing any error messages at all during the rip, or (more importantly here) during the actual burn? If so, post the log.

What type of media are you trying to use?



Your burner is doing you a favor. I have to say that had to be burts worst movie.
Other than that I have to agree with BSpielbauer bad media. :slight_smile: