With what did I deserve this 4081B

Hi guys,

My first post… So firstly “Hi everyone” :stuck_out_tongue:

About 4 months ago I bought an LG 4081B. And everything did work fine, until a week or so ago when the DVD stopped responding. To all kinds of media. Then I removed all my drivers and burning software and it did worked again. The problem is that now not all the software is working correctly.

For example Nero is working only with CDs. DVD-RAMs are not working at all. The only program that works normally so far is the Intervideo DVD copy…

Sadly I couldn’t find any original drivers to install :sad:

I tried some UDF driver too, but it seems thats not working either. Should I return it, or is it something fixable.

AMD 1800
HDD 100 GB
512 RAM