With the tweaker, checking automatic

If you check automatic with the tweaker for both writing and reading the topology, will that then allowBW to automatically adjust as to wether it is doing a securom backup or a safedisc backup?

i dont know…in essence it should “know” but i use bW 4 for creating a .bwa file and import into bW5 with the tweaker

Yes it should automatically decide if you need it or not.

why do you use the BW4 builder to make a bwa file? BW5 has improved algorithm and should make a better backup

if i can create a spikless graph and be able to create a backup from the Plextor PRemium drive that runs in:

Asus 5224a
Plextor Premium
Samsung SC-152a cdrom
Plextor 24/10/40a
LiteOn dvd
Hival 2x2x24
Plextor 8/4/32a

then iam a content humannoid

Do you have problems when you make a backup and use the BW5 topology instead of a bwa file?

genjai is correct about topology being alot better method than the older bwa.