With the 3520 a ? as to quality what drive currently burns with the fewest errors?

I have the 3500 and love it along with a 3520 that I decided to sell to a friend.

It seems that the 3500 burns better then the 3520 and the 3500 is hard to get.

So if to be so bold, including other brands, besides NEC, which burner has the best overall quality of burn?

In my case buring at the disc rated speed is all I ever do as the quality of the burn is worth it to me.

I mostly use printable TYG02 discs.

So if I wanted a second drive to go along with me NEC 3500 what should I look at? (Please don’t say another 3500.)


if your thing of getting another burner then i would get a liteon 1673, if its a reader you want then get a Aopen 1648/aap.

If burn quality at rated speeds is the main requirement, then the LG 4163 might be a very good choice. According to everything I’ve read and seen, the quality for both +R and -R burns is second to none.

Check out the following review and decide for yourself:


I would not go for an LG after having a NEC… The NEC has an excellent write quality. I personally think Plextor offers the best quality - of course if you can get a working drive, hehe - but Benq also offers good quality burns. You should browse the pages for PI/PO tests, though the quality deppends on several things, so one never can be sure what he will get when buying a new drive. (to be honest I am dissapointed in my 3520, after selling my 3500 to my friend… write quality of the 3520 is much worse than the 3500, and I use the same media) And my PX-712 also makes me crazy, when burning anything faster than 4x…

regards, Stephen

Out of the drives i have, and taking into account which one burns best with the media i have, and i do have a lot of different media :slight_smile: Overall i rate them as follows.

NEC ND-3500 (awesome with a wide range of media, both -R and +R)
Benq DW1620 (great with +R media)
LG 4163 (Very fast at 16X and great quality, but not the greatest at overspeeding 8X media)
Plextor PX-716 (very good at 8X write speed and some 12X. Very poor at 16X)
NEC ND-3520 (great burner spoiled by high jitter values at 12X and over)
Liteon 1633 (poor burn quality above 8X, i only use it for scanning)

Dee-27 if I mostly use -R 8X discs at 8X and I can’t get another 3500 would the Benq or the LG be your pic?
Does either support scanning for errors?
Which rips better?
When TY comes out with 16X printable media, which would most likely have the better results?

Is there another drive on the near horizon that looks promising enough to hold off a month or two? From what I have read about the Nec 3530 that doesn’t seem to be it.

Thanks for all the input so far, keep it coming.


I’d definitely say the BenQ DW1620A. It’s awesome with +R media as Dee-27 said, is a very fast ripper when using MediaCodeSpeedEdit to enable the read hack. If you are using TYG02’s the BenQ also bruns very well on these and overburns very well to 16x also. The BenQ DW1620A supports error scanning through Nero CD/DVD Speed and scans for PI Errors, PI Failures, PO Failures, and Jitter values. I love my BenQ DW1620A and NEC ND2500A, with this combination of drives I find it very hard to find a brand of disc I can not burn on with decent results. :wink:

I own a BenQ 1620 drive and a NEC 3500 drive so I will comment from my own experience.

  1. The BenQ drive will provide both excellent burn quality and excellent performance with +R media (overspeeding of most 8X +R media to 12X with virtually no loss of quality). In my opinion the quality is a bit better than the NEC 3500 drive, particularly at speeds of 12X and higher - but perhaps not enough to matter.

  2. It is now possible to patch the BenQ 1620 firmware so that it will rip most DVD movies at the full 16X, making it perhaps the fastest ripper available (typically under 10:00 minutes to rip most movies with DVD Decrypter).

  3. However, many different types of -R DVD’s burned on the NEC 3500 cannot be read properly on the BenQ 1620. The files are all readable, but the Media ID is not reported in CDSpeed, and the disc size is erroneously reported as the full 4482MB instead of the real (smaller) size. Attempting to disccopy the disk will usually error our since the copy program will attempt to read past the end of the data on the -R disc. One example of a -R disc that persistently does this is Prodisc S03.

  4. There are reports of -R writing compatability issues for the BenQ 1620. In particular, there are persistent reports that -R discs burned on the BenQ 1620 will not work on the Sony Playstation (I have no direct experience with this, however).

  5. I burn most of my media on the NEC 3500 drive since the hacked firmware support for the 3500 is incredibly good with cheap media. Most cheap 4X media burns at 8X with better quality that it did with the stock firmware at 4X.

Throwing at it the worst discs, which burner will turn out the best results? :slight_smile: I think that’ll be interesting. =)

NEC ND2500A - Hands down. cough Oh yeah, they don’t make those anymore. I guess the 3500A would win that war although the BenQ doesn’t do too bad of a job… the LG GSA-4163B from what I’ve seen of it seems to do ok with some of the worst discs you can fine with very good results although I don’t own one so I guess I really shouldn’t comment on it.

Keep in mind that the 3520 gives far better results with Ritek DVD+R DL media than the 3500 drive. But that’s what I found out…
For DVD+R media I use the BenQ 1620 drive.

Here’s a link that directly compares the BenQ 1620 to the LG 4163, complete with CDSpeed quality scans.


LG looks pretty darned impressive. I certainly wouldn’t be upset with picking it as a burner considering prices are all all about the same these days. :slight_smile:

This comparison is like comparing apples with peaches (as one says in Germany), since Benq 1620 scans were almost all done with overspeeding and LG scans without.
In addition, the Benq 1620 is an awesome ripper.
But quality of LG4163 nevertheless seems to be very good.


Not entirely.

A major 1620 strength is its ability to produce similar burn quality at both 8X and 12X burn speeds when 8X media is overspeeded. Another way of saying this is that the 8X BenQ burns are not much better than the 12X BenQ burns (as the poster detailed further down in his comparison).

Althought this is probably mostly irrelevant since the BenQ and the LG burns are both very good, the LG burns look a bit cleaner to me - particularly in the most important area of the PIFs.

In addition, the Benq 1620 is an awesome ripper.

Yep - we definitely agree on this one - but only if you apply the MediaCodeSpeedEdit firmware patch.

But quality of LG4163 nevertheless seems to be very good.
I don’t own one, but everything I see suggests that its burn quality is second to none.

In the USA, the similar saying is “comparing apples with oranges”