With many apologies for abject stupidity- problem w/3520A

I have read all the provisos and searched diligently. I have a seemingly simple problem. I had an HP300e, which went belly up on me after a little more than a year. After a little research, I decided to be brave and get a NEC-3520A, with an enclosure.
My system is Win2000Pro. I have both USB1 and Firewire cards. The DVD players are hooked to the Firewire.
I am a complete neophyte, although an old man, but I am trying. I installed the NEC in the enclosure- no problem. The power works fine. However, there is absolutely no recognition of the unit, once the firewire is plugged. I have rebooted several times, changed firewire cables, changed firewire ports- still no recognition. I have a firewire external HD and a CD burner- no problems.

I know nothing about firmwars and I do not play with bios, or other internal workings. I use Nero.

Is there a simple solution to my problem? Is there a solution for someone who knows little?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

As I said- apologies for stupidity. I have gone back and disassembled the unit. The connector pins were not firmly in place. Problem solved. Thank you for putting up with me.

welcome to the forum!
glad you found the problem!