With DVDFab all ver. Problem of dual sie by side image on my divx oe xvid generic files



Hi all,

I am new to this nice forum. I have tried to find my way by myself by reading many posts here and elsewhere, but did not find any solution available… This is why I try this post.

I had no problem before with DVDFab.

And now, all my encoded divx or xvid files created by DVDFab (even with the last version, with any generic option (divx, xvid…, 1or2 passes, different resolutions, frame rates and else…) have a double image side by side, as shown on the image below.

No virus or trojan ar else, afaik, not a problem of reading software(same problem with media player, VLC or even with my TV player/recorder). I have tried with films coming in vob format from my recorder and some commercial videos.

Anyone would have any good idea ?

Thank you for help !


I am having the same problem while trying to convert to mp4.


Good! Now I am not alone… :o

But the problem still remains… :sad:

Hope someone can solve this… Thanks anyway!:slight_smile:



Very very strange problem, I have not seen it before, :confused:

This problem happened in special DVD or in all your DVD ? I think this must be for some special DVD.

and you create file is AVI ? did you try to convert a MP4 file to check the result ?

Thanks report.


Thanks for reply…

I made avi files, divX or xvid, different resolutions, different frame rates, with different sources (vob files, iso images, commercial DVDs, videos recorded from TV…) : same result. And everything was going fine before… I tried many things like :

  • to de-install (with CCleaner + clean registry twice) and re-install DVDFab, with different versions, :disagree:

  • also to get rid of all programs which could be related to, like ffdshow and codec packs,:disagree:

  • to restore my Vista system to an previous state… :disagree:

  • NOD32 deep scan, online microsoft scanner onelivecare and Malwarebytes say everything is clean… :disagree:

No result… :confused::doh::sad::a:bow:


I’ve tried to make an ipod mpeg4 : same problem…:frowning: