With copy2dvd can i save to a folder rather than burn to disc

Hi … everyone
i have several music videos which i want to put onto dvd.
They are all in a video_ts folder with menus to each song
and ready to burn to disc.
However some of the volume levels of the videos are either
too high or too low so i want to “normalise” them.
I have read in other forums that this can be done using
copy2dvd but i cannot see any option to save the finished
file to a folder so i can check the volume levels BEFORE
burning to disc.
Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if it is can you
explain how.
I am using trial version 3,1,2,136 to test copy2dvd before
buying it.
thanx in advance … dyln


Copytodvd will normalize the sound when creating an AUDIO CD, but this is not the case when burning and video file.