With a little help from our friends

I just posted the article With a little help from our friends.

Sometimes it’s not easy being a webmaster, you always want to get the best for your visitors so they come back and tell you how much they like your site, but unfortunately sometimes you can’t get…

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Yes thank you |NB| the forum speed is awesome, thanks a lot.

wuuuhuuu!! Surely NB are one of our favorite CD freaks :8 thx, mate :wink: i could get used to the speed of the forum!! :d

Yes. Thanks NB. This is a great site with lots of good info. I go to it a couple of times a day. I didn’t even mind the banners so much if it meant keeping this site up and running. CDRSoft.net is great as well. I visit that site everyday too. Also, thanks DoMiN8ToR for creating and maintaining this site.

NB, Domin8ator and all the rest of you that put all this effort in to give us free content: THANKS GUYS!!

Thanks a lot N.B. !! Again a super job :slight_smile:

I hope it’s faster but I still can’t acces it! :frowning:

Thank NB for your gr8 support ;);):wink:

tha speed this morning is S_U_P_E_R_B !!

Thx N.B. super great :4