Witch recent DVD+R/RW writer(s) allow bitsetting/booktype changes?

If I understand this correctly, no dual format DVD writer allow booktype change yet, right?

Now, I need maximum compatibility burning DVD video for standalone players, and I don’t care much about the -R format.
Are pure +R writers (that exclude the Liteon 401S) an endangered species :confused:

Could you recommend a model, that is still on the shelves and that got great media compatibility and hopefully future firmware updates ahead of it? :bow:

Writers that support bitsetting:

8x writers:
BenQ DW800A, Nu Tech/QSI DDW-081 and probably HP dvd400i and maybe Philips DVDRW824.

4x writers
BenQ DW400A, HP dvd300i (and other NEC ND-1100A OEMs flashed with HP dvd300n firmware), Ricoh MP5240A (and Ricoh OEMs such as AOpen).

I have no idea which is the best when it comes to firmware updates and media compatibility though.

it won’t be long before bitsetting will be allowed on the 1300A (and its rebadged variants) with the use of patched/hacked firmwares, which i believe would make it the only dual format drive to allow bitsetting. more info about it can be found here.

Thanks a lot guys!
Might go with the BenQ DW400A on special at tigerdirect… or the NEC ND-1300A, a lil bit more expensive, but tempting, unless the DW800A become available real quick in my area… decisions, decisions.