Witch one should I buy nec 3500 or 3540



I am going to buy a new burner should I get a nec 3500 or a 3540?


Too obvious? 3540.


If you can find a 3500 it blows away the 3540!!! :iagree: But if you can’t I would recommend a BenQ 1640. :slight_smile:


In actual fact it doesn’t :slight_smile:


Where do you live? I have a 3500 I don’t need anymore that works well.
If you happen to be local you could check it out. Unlikely, but stranger
thinks have happened. I am in NH, USA.



Well you did say:

So how would you round out the rest of that list?


From my own two drives.
For older 8X media the 3500 has the edge
For 16X media my 3540 has the edge, they are both very good drives.


Dee-27, you pined down the problem with these questions: which media are you asking the questions for? I would also go for the 3500, but I never use anything but 8X at 8X so my choice would be different from yours.

Thanks, I have to constantly remind myself to qualify my responses.


If I could give some advice, I would say the 3540 drive!


Lets not forget NEC sucks with firmware updates!!! :eek:


But their firmware comes up fairly good out of the box. Sometimes it’s better to take your time and get it right, than to rush and have issues with each update.


thanks guys I think I will go with the 3540 I don’t like BenQ and sony products I just never had any good luck with them. when I say luck they don’t last as long.


No question the 3540, it has not matured yet but when it does it will be a true 16x drive. It has newer hardware than the 3500 (which I admit was and probably still is the King of Nec Drives) but the 3540 has the ability to go much farther.


Oh yes! :iagree: The 3540A was my first Nec drive, always had Plextor and Pioneer before. And the first thing that striked me is that it was my first drive ever with a stable and rather compatible firmware “out of the box”. :flower:

If the drive improves with the next firmwares, it’s gonna kickass. :bigsmile:

EDIT- forgot to mention that the 3540A is an AWESOME CD writer. I would never have expected this level of CDR writing quality from a DVD burner! :eek:


I hope not, then I will have to buy one just to run a comparison of 3500/3520/3540. :wink:

I really want to save the bucks for the 4550.


He He… :bigsmile: :cool:


:iagree: its the reason i bought this drive. :iagree:


Or the 4551 drive with LabelFlash support. This will be my next drive to buy :bigsmile:


Save the bucks :confused: how much could it be $45.? :confused:


PC-Guy, there are people for whom saving $45 does matter, you know… :slight_smile: