Witch media for ldw 851s

I just buy the liteon ldw 851s and i wud like to now which dvd-r media to use.
I tray mmore and the test was no good ( PI=800, PO=50 at 4x speed)
sory for bad englisch :bow:

You can use GS0H firmware to burn RitekG04 DVD-R

Yes, GS0H is a very good choice for DVD-R. In fact the 851S seems to do a better job of RITEKG04 with this firmware then the 812S. Avoid cheap -R media and only buy -R media with a dark dye like RITEKG04 and CMCMAG.AF1.

See this thread for the best media possible:


I’m using GSOH firmware on my 851S and it work’s great! dvd-r at x4 and dvd+r at 8x.
I use both the RITEKG04 AND CMCMAG.AF1. I’m content.

I made a typo…I mean’t RICOHJPNR01 instead of RITEKG04…sorry.