Witch liteon to buy?

Hi, witch of liteons dvd drives, is latest, and best? :slight_smile:
160h6s, 16h5s, 165p6s or other model? what is diference between 160h6s ant 16h5s? witch is newer of them?

the 160p6s is the non-lightscribe version of the 165p6s, which is the lightscribe model. Both seem to burn Verbatim and TY medias very well, plus you have the K-probe and Nero CD-DVD Speed scanning at 1ECC. Certainly those two are both great choices. Here’s the link for the 3 models of 160p6s available… Here’s a list of LiteOns in the $20-50 range, that includes the 165h6s

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Models ending in …6S are newer than …5S.
160H6S doesn’t exist AFAIK, must be a 160P6S you saw?

165P6S and 165H6S include DVD-RAM support.
160P6S is the same as 165P6S, but without DVD-RAM support.

Models with a “H” in the name include LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling support.

look here:

latest and with the most features is the SHM-165H6S.
if you live in europe it might be hard to find a retail model. instead you can get the rebadge: Sony DWG-121A.

yes, i am from central europe, and ai cant find 165h6s and even sony 121A.
So i can choose betwean 165p6s without, and 16h5s with lightscribe, also i found 1693S, what you can say about it?

I just bought a 165P6S and I love it. Great machine!

The 1693S, even though still a good drive, is obsolete now. No more firmware support expected and no SmartBurn features like the 5S and 6S series.

Thanks for the heads-up, [B]chok0 [/B]:slight_smile:

…newer - but if are better too?

they are better. i know one can’t say this for sure, but just compare the massive amount of screenshots posted here. usually liteon keep getting better with every new model and firmware. take a 6s drive with the latest firmware and you’ll be happy.

forget the 1693S. if you need lightscribe, get the 16H[B]5S[/B], but it’s an older model than the 165P[B]6S[/B]. get this one if you don’t need lightscribe.

if you’re from germany, you can get a 165[B]H6S[/B] rebadge from this online store: http://www.alternate.de/html/productDetails.html?artno=CEAO34

Mmm… Is it possible to crossflash 165P6S -> 165H6S? :confused:

no, the [B]P[/B]6S has no lightscribe hardware.

If you don’t care about lightscribe (media is much more expensive), buy the 165P6S. It’s a pretty good burner.


thanks alot, i have been a litle confused about the models. But now i disided to wait for my 165h6s :slight_smile: Hope it will come soon. Before anotherone liteon model :slight_smile:

I recently bought the retail box version of the SHM-165H6S from Newegg, came with both white and black front bezels.
Works great better than my old NEC-3520A especially on DVD+RWs and +Rs.
Getting excellent scans and high speed burning, even with multiple reuse of +RWs.

I have just got the retail DVDRW SHM-165P6S as it was only about £5 more than the OEM (which was out of stock) and as the other poster said came with 3 front plates, Nero (just an OEM suite) and Power DVD6, not a big deal but if you dont have them worth the extra cost.

My main reason for getting it was for the testing of DVD media, so I have not burnt anything with it and feel that my LG with the DL13 firmware is a very good burner and does all that work for me, but in the testing area (which I am new at) the LiteOn seems to be very good and much better than my NEC as the results are more balanced and repeatable, and for the cost (I paid about £23 for it) I am very happy with it.