Witch is better, DivX or XVid...?

hi, i have a big project a head of me, that i plan to accomplish offhandly, and i want to get over with. I want to get all my movies in my harddrive to DVD-s in .avi format, couse there is not a single MB free now. the thing is that i want also to be able to read tha .avi’s from my DVD player which can’t play bigger resolutions then 720x560, and most of my movies are 800x336, so i need to re-encode, which is better Divx 6.1 or Xvid 1.1.0 i use to encode PocketDivXEncoder which despite of its name will convert to Xvid also…


I personally prefer Xvid , please don’t ask me why, but I doubt that there is really much difference.

You could experiment to see what , to your eye , seems the best at equal compression.

i am asking couse it seems there is a problem with xvid sometimes, when played on dvd->TV, sometimes in motion moments of the movie some areas will appear in small pink or green boxes, and will dissappear after 1 to 2 sec. its very rear, maybe 3-4 times during the entire movie, but it is anoying, and i have encounter this issue in other forums too, i also read some threads related to this issue, and comparisons between Xvid and DivX,It seems that after the tests DivX is better, but the test is very old now, before Xvid came out with their 1.0 version, thats why i asked anyway.

Yeah, I have had some problem with XVid playback sometimes - although not always. I personally prefer DivX, although that is not totally problem-free either :slight_smile:

do you agree that divx is faster, we are talking about the same output quality, i mean if Xvid and divx are set to produce the same , i mean absolutly the same quality, which would encode faster???

XviD has better quality than DivX, doom9.org if you wanna argue.

Lol are you inviting him to start a flamewar on doom9? It’s not allowed there :smiley:

I don’t know about better quality. If I use the same uncompressed file to produce Xvid and DivX files of about the same size (within 0.3% of each other), I definitely get quality problems with Xvid which I don’t with divx. I haven’t actually measured the time it takes for coding. I also get problems with Xvid on the standalone player. But I think it all depends on the system one is using - XVid just doesn’t work that well for me and DivX is my personal preference. I have far too little data to claim one better than the other.

Rather tell people to go there and read up !)et0nat0!2