Witch Firmware is the best for Lite-On LDW-411S



hi all,
i wont to know witch Firmware ist the best

i use firmware FS0F
but some times a i have bad DVD-R after burn :frowning:

ThX for help


try looking at codeguys page here http://codeguys.rpc1.org/index.html . you can use their patched firmware or get omnipatcher and add features to it yourself. you can also get the eeprom utility from there and reset your eeprom after a bad burn, or even flash that 411s to a fully functioning 811s!


thx for this link

can you tel what ist the best official firmware for 411s


The best official firmware is always the only firmware available from liteonit.com

Any other firmware is technically not official!


yes i know,

but i want to know witch build ist de best



FS0K is the latest firmware for 411s. but one can’t say which is best, you must try for yourself. you could turn your 411s to 811s with the eeprom utility. the latest firmware for 811s is HS0R.