Witch dvd burner should I get

Hi . all

I am looking to buy a dvd writer and am looking at the liteon brands but there are a few of them I know theres 4x and 8x . all I would like is a good stable. also there are 2 types of the x8. what one is the better out of the 2.



I think option 2 is 812 right?

AFAIK the 812 will be able to write -R at 8x. 811 and 851 can only burn +R at 8x.

I read something about a new model 831, that is cheaper to build.

So if you need -R 8x burning then get the 812 if not get a 811/851. Maybe in the future will be a patch to convert 811 to 812 but that will void your warranty.

but can option 2 still burn dvd- at 4x

here is the site that I was going to get it from can you go there and tell witch one I just want some thing stable and works good I own a sony now and love it but My broter want me to get him one and I always likeed liteons cd writers and own one also. so i want to try the dvd writer line of dvd writers but they have 2 of them.

thanks for your help

Although this is a liteon forum, i’d say you should get something else. If you don’t need a booktype setting, NEC-2500A should be one of the best choice you can get also.


Newegg has it for $110 with free shipping. Look around to see what is booktype setting.

coolman, from the site you posted, the "LITE ON LDW811S/851S 8X " and "LITE ON LDW811SBK 8X " difference is that the first the tray is beige/gray and the second is black. If the PC is black get the black. Of course, this is if you want the Lite On. I love mine and before it I used a Sony 500a. I can burn at 8x and bitsetting to DVD-ROM I can play the Memorex printable in any player I can find, even 4 year old players.

Others have problems with their drives, so whatever you buy test it before the store warranty expires so you can return it if needed.

where may I get the booktype program ? and thanks for your help guys

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where may I get the booktype program ?



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thank you pinto2 .I use forums alot but I could not find it there just like I tryed to find kprob and ng but thanks alot for you help.

From personal experience the 811s is top notch, not
one coaster in 3 months. Just treat it with respect ( good quality
media), and you’ll also be singing its praise.


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