Wish to play "Starforce" protected games


I wish to play “Starforce” protected games. The first is “Superpower 2” which I stopped playing when I read many places that Starforce creates problems with the system and also damages the optical drives. The second game is “Colin Mcrae’s Dirt” which a friend sent me as a gift but I came to know that it has starforce and I have not played it uptill now. But as these two games are great I wish to play them. I would like to know if there is some emulator system with which I could play the games and still keep my system safe from any “Starforce” related problems? If so kindly guide me pleaseeee!:slight_smile:

You may want to read up on Sandboxie. I want to do the same thing that you want to do, though i want to play Sniper Elite. I read about this program here and it appears that it will do want we want though i haven’t tried it yet. It seems that it creates a ‘Sandbox’ to run programs in so i’m guessing any program or game run while in the Sandbox won’t affect the rest of the cpu. I’m hoping this would also include the Starforce drivers. Again, i’ve not tried so i can’t say for sure if it’ll work but it does give you a starting point.