Wish to free my favorite game from "Starforce", help please!


I have a game called “Superpower 2” and it is one of my favorite games. The problem is that it has a very troublesome copy protection called “Starforce” and because of this I do not wish to install it on my new computer. So I am unable to play the game. I request anyone here with good knowledge to guide me as to how could I remove this protection from the game? If it is possible could I remove it after I install the game and even then be able to play it? Or is there some way I could remove “Starforce” from the game and burn the “Starforce” free game on new CD so that whenever I install the game in future I don’t have to worry about “Starforce”? Please guide me in simple way. I would remain thankful for your help. :slight_smile:

just been having a look at that protection what a pain in the arse that is im sure someone can crack it though depends on the reader/burner too

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StarForce << if u havent already read that

Sorry, but it is illegal to modify the program without the permission of the copyright holder so we can’t help you.