Wish is the number one of audio ripper?


I wonder wish audio ripper some is the best and number one out there.

Thanks kenta

I don’t know about Number One,but Easy CD-DA Extractor works very well. It can
rip cd files into MP3 files of varying bitrates/quality. Very,very good.

Do a search on Yahoo for it…:cool:

EAC is recognised as one of the best, when coupled with LAME you can make mp3s.



LAME (this is the latest stable version, there is a newer version being tested (in its alpha stage) but it is not reccomended for uses other than testing):


And a setup guide:


Also Winamp 2.92 is a good MP3, CD e.t.c. player, here is the download link (I didn’t post Winamp 3 as it is actually worse (much heavier on recources) than winamp 2 or winamp 5 (as it is only in its development stages) which will combine the best features from winamp 2 and winamp 3):


Originally posted by Chriso
EAC is recognised as one of the best, when coupled with LAME you can make mp3s.

Yeah, personally I use EAC and it is a wonderful piece of program. Moreover, it is freeware (actually, “postcardware”).
And, as fas as I know, it is the only ripper which gives full control of offsets…

If you look for it at http://www.exactaudiocopy.de, don’t mind that this is a ‘beta’ or ‘prebeta’ version…
Andre (the author) must be a great programmer, since the program is really stable!

If you really care for the accuracy of your cd-rips, have a look also at

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EAC is more for power users, but is great software, of course.

I’ve used CDex (also freeware) for about 5 years now, and it’s very good.


Originally posted by dhc014
EAC is more for power users

Does this mean those wanting the highest quality???

EAC for me.

ok many thanks all for replys I will test and see.


Originally posted by Chriso
Does this mean those wanting the highest quality???

highest degree of anal-ness :wink:

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highest degree of anal-ness :wink:

LOL, I only use EAC because it was recommended to me (no-one ever mentioned CDex) and I find it easy.

Feurio! But I like Easy CD-DA Extractor also

my ears cant hear most things - so i use nero :stuck_out_tongue: