Wish i would have

:eek: I wish I would have “researched” CD and DVD media here before I bought my first burner 2 years ago. I had no idea that the quality levels varied so widely. Oh well, live and learn. The amount of info availible here is astounding. Oh ya… Hey!

What I paid for a burner 2 years ago, today I could buy two Plextors and a good burner, or four good burners and media. :eek: :iagree:

I lucked out big time on my burners but I ate it plenty well on media till this site taught me what to do. I still have crap media sitting on my shelf that I will probably never use.

It’s scary just how much people know on here. I’m just a beginner when it comes to burning and often have to ask advice on things.
Best site in the world for help imo, though it frustrates me when someone says “search” and it’s so far above your head that you have no idea what to search for :wink: That doesn’t happen so often these days though.