Wish.com not that bad?


I bought a cheap blueray player from wish. com. Suprisingly it’s pretty decent.
I know most of the stuff they sell are cheap Chinese rip offs, but still it’s pretty good?.
I also bought a cheap nice looking smart watch not great but, decent for $ 6.00 dollars plus shipping.:slightly_smiling_face:


And if these breakdown in a short period of time will come back and tell us?


Sure. Like I said though I know it’s Chinese junk, but still so far I have no complaints.:slightly_smiling_face:


I once investigated this site as an alternative to reputable sites like AliExpress, GearBest, FastTech, BangGood, DealExtreme, and so on. The reviews scared me away:

  • weeks to months delivery time
  • damaged goods or DOA
  • item other than what was advertised - usually inferior or simply wrong product
  • unresponsive customer service
  • inability to reach the actual seller for assistance
  • unauthorized charges weeks to months after purchase (i.e. credit card fraud)

Based upon what I read - if you received a working item identical to what was advertised in a reasonable time, and was not dogged by unauthorized extra charges to your credit card; then consider yourself lucky.


So far that hasn’t happened to me. I get your point? I know it’s knock off
stuff. The things I have bought so far work. No problems yet.:slightly_smiling_face:


The vendors on AliExpress seem dead worried about getting poor feedback and terrified of you opening up a dispute. I think AliExpress keeps a tight rein on them and takes a hand if a refund is needed. That’s good for both the customer and AliExpress.