Wisdom teeth....i'm scared >_<

so i have 3 wisdom teeth about barge out, went to dentist and here’s what she said:

oh it’s not that bad but you should have come earlier, now at this state i’ll problely have to cut open your gum from here to there and rip the teeth out, afterwards i’ll have it stitched, also i recommand braces since the wisdom teeth has already tilt your rearest teech and there’ll be problems in the future…so…it should take an hour for me to do 2 teeth, infact i can do it right now if you like.

upon hearing this i got scared, and only had my teeth cleaned, right now i’m still contending weather or not to do it, although doc already said if i don’t do it i’ll have alot of problems in the future such as gum infection…etc, but i’m scared, i just can’t bring myself to say “yes please do it”, i’ve never heard anyone talk about their wisdom teeth and so i have no idea how much it’s gonna HURT, called me a wussie, but i recalled a time when i got punch in the face and the time i smear my head when i fell off a bike at high speed, even that seems LESS horrifying than getting my gum ripped open, so now i have a few questions:

1: how is the procedure like? please clearly describe the process from beginning to end.

2: does it hurt? i know they inject something in your gum to make your whole face numb, but does it hurt when the neddle JABS into the gum? will there be terrible terrible pain afterwards when they rip open your gum, pull the teeth out and STITCH the gum back? shivers

thanks for the help shivers T_T

Depending on the health of your jaw and teeht it can be either a very very very painful process (anestetic not kicking in, etc) or a easy 5 minute procedure.

One tip: Don’t let anything done to your teeth you not agree to. My mother went to three different surgeons and they all messed up.

I had 4 wisdom teeth removed at the same time PLUS 2 cavities drilled.

It went pretty well.

I can only suggest that when they start work and it hurts make them stop and freeze some more. All should be good after that.

You seem to have a lot of medical problems. I had only one wisdom tooth removed, but it was without that gum cutting and stitching. My tooth was in pretty bad state, it hurt like hell, but the procedure itself was painless, thanks to the anestethic.
For three days after the eooth was removed my face was a bit “heavy”, due to the bloating and whenever i lifted something with my left hand i felt like my left eye is going to jump out, but after 2 days it went away.

If you can, see a different dentist too, maybe he has a different opinion about your wisdom tooth

I’ve had a wisdom tooth cut out and they put me to sleep. Woke up and it was all over. Then i just took pain meds for a few days.

i need to get my 3 teeth pulled out tommorow.
i will report it in this thread.

anyone with more info on this subject?

I’ve had one wisdom tooth removed.

It was a quick and painless procedure (with local anaesthetic of course), but my dentist still ended up pulling the tooth out in two parts!

To be honest, my problem is with the anaesthetic injections more than the extraction of the tooth! :wink:

And toes :slight_smile: I had a toe nail cut off one time and the injections to numb it hurt like heck :iagree: more than any dentist injections i ever got.

I hate injections, period :iagree:

Last time I had to have a tooth filled, I deliberatly opted to have no local anaesthetic. Only time it hurt was when he was blowing the freezing cold air into my newly-drilled tooth to blow out all the bits. YOWCH! shivers :stuck_out_tongue:

i had all 4 wisdom teeth removed…but they put me to sleep to do it…woke up and they were gone…i didn’t have to heard any drilling or feel any pressure when they were pulling them out :slight_smile:

Had 2 done the same way long ago when I had wisdom.

I prefer freezing than going under, who knows what they do to you when your under :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, maybe I should re-think this :wink:

i had all 4 of mine out at once when I was about 15 or 16. it wasn’t a big deal.

as far as the actual procedure, mine were fully impacted (not breaking the surface at all) so from what I understand they cut the gum open and pull them out…whatever they can’t pull they pretty much sort of chisel out then stitch it back up.

they knocked me out and when I woke up it was all done. my cheeks were swollen for a few days and I couldn’t really eat solid food until about the 3rd day afterwards, but other than that it was fine.

some people get bruising along their cheeks, but i didn’t.

also, dennis, I’m not sure if you were referring to wisdom teeth or just pulling regular teeth, but I had some teeth pulled too when I was younger in order to make room for braces (I think I was 10 or 11). That was simple Novocaine and a quick yank and I didn’t feel a thing. in fact, I think I played in a basketball game afterwards.

wisdom teeth are definitely much more serious than pulling regular teeth, but it’s nothing to really be afraid of.

well the dentist here just stick a neddle into your gum to freeze the face, no sleep, though maybe it’ll be better if i’m asleep, because i don’t have to see the knife, the blades, the ripping tearing blood poring out, oh and stiching.

if i could, than i rather just leave it as it is…

oh and doc also saids i need braces, do they hurt like hell when they put it on/ take it off?

Trust me, you won’t see any of that. It may bleed slightly, but they’ll give you some cotton to put in your mouth to stop that (if it even happens).

I never saw any knives, blades, or any of the sort when I had my wisdom tooth removed. You’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

braces were a pain in the ass. i had them for about 3 years. i also had headgear too. every time they’d tighten my headgear it was sore and of course i never wore it enough. then I’d wear it before I had to go to the orthodontist and it would hurt like hell because I wasn’t used to it.

basically, it hurts more if you don’t follow their instructions! it would be sore after a visit when they’d adjust things, but I wouldn’t say anything ever HURT really…only when i’d try to cram my headgear/retainer in after not wearing it for a month…

putting braces on was never a huge deal. paint a little glue on your tooth, stick the bracket to it, and then connect them all with some wire. tightening the wire was always a little sore but nothing unbearable.

the cement they used on the back teeth tasted bad. they used a different type of glue on the front teeth though.

taking off the braces was weird. it didn’t hurt, but it’s strange to feel someone pretty much just prying something off of your tooth that was stuck there for so long.

kids get braces younger and younger these days. i was 10 or 11 when i got mine and it didn’t bother me too much then. you’ll be fine!

My daughter never had any problems with braces but i don’t think her teeth were that bad. The thing that hurt the most was my wallet :bigsmile: $4000 usd.

She’s wearing retainers now. Her teeth look great :iagree:

yup…they’re definitely expensive. make sure she wears those retainers! i never wore mine after i had my braces taken off. i have one tooth that started to move again.

it’s no noticeable to anyone but me, but it’s still annoying.

i was like 13 at the time though so of course I didn’t listen to anyone when they told me to wear them lol

She’s 13 and wears them. She spent 2 years with braces and now 2 years with retainers and she wears them except for eating of course. Only when they changed the wire she said it hurt kind of for a day or so.

Runs in the family.

My dentist referred me to a dental Surgeon … the dental surgeon recommended that I have day-surgery, aka general anaesthetic, to get them out.

The nerve was a little too close to the ones in the lower jaw for comfort, and although it would heal over a few years, I’d look and speak funny until it fixed itself.

So I had day surgery. On the third day I was eating steak … the first two days I was astral-projecting … they gave me panadeine forte & nurofen plus & told me to take them all at the maximum allowed doses until I finished the packets.

I think I slept about 40hrs out the 48 after the surgery.

If you don’t get your wisdom teeth out, they can cause a nasty little pocket in your gum, which can’t be cleaned. Food can get caught in it & starts to rot, along with your gum … and that’s excruciatingly painful, at any time, (so I’m told) than just getting your wisdom teeth taken out at a convenient time.

After getting your wisdom teeth out, your mouth will be sore for a few days.
After about 3 days it’ll just be a dull ache. You’ll be totally fine in 1 week.