Wisconsin man plans to fight music downloading lawsuit



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  eranros used our news submit to tell us about this story he spotted concerning a brave soul that  has decided to fight the RIAA. Although many have been served legal notices as  the IP they...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10316-Wisconsin-man-plans-to-fight-music-downloading-lawsuit.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10316-Wisconsin-man-plans-to-fight-music-downloading-lawsuit.html)

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Hi, I do not know for the US, but in Germany for sure it would not be so clear. It´s not decided to the end if the owner of the account with the ISP is liable for anything that happens with it - there is no such court decision generally. So if you had other people using your ISP account (e.g. via wireless LAN) it would have to be proven who was doing it. Of course it needs a lot of nerve and money to fight that agains a music “industry” … Regards - Morlock


Just heard that an appeals court here in Canada rejected the RIAA request for IP’s to turnover user id’s today… Have to wait and see what that means up here


Remember Erin Brokovich, they had to Prove PG&E had knowledge of what the one plant was doing, so why would that not be the case here. A parent took responsible action once notified.


Hey, they (the chemical company) was only poisonings people, copyright infringers are taking food ( all be it caviar ) out of the mouths of Music Industry Big shots (you know the guy’s that don’t actually create anything). This is a far greater crime which should be punishable by death! Commit genocide on a nation (Iraq) but just you listen to a song without paying through the nose for it and watch out!


The RIAA Can Fuck OFF!!! Those Bastards, Making the Rich Richer and the poor poorer. Well As long as we have a corprate president things won’t change but It would be nice to see someone take a stand even if his efforts are Futile there is always a chance of success. Anyone remember the Alimo It wasn’t about winning it was about setting a pressidence, So that others would stand up and fight.
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Where’s tinku when you need him? Altogether now: DAVE BINK YOUR A PIRATE!


I hope he wins, i really do. How many parents out there have any idea what there kids do on computers these days let alone understand it. How many parents actually know that downloading MP3’s are illegal? In fact, how many parents actually KNOW what an mp3 is? I beleive the MPAA should issue warnings before taking legal action as this would assure that the person(s) involved knew what they were doing was wrong, but taking legal action straight away proves one thing and one thing only - it’s all about the money. But then again what do i expect from a company that bribes boyscouts into becoming spies for more lawsuits. All together now: THE RIAA ARE A BUNCH OR SCUMBAGS!