Wirting problem with LG GGW-H20L and included LG BD-RE 25Gb disc

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GGW-H20L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

I just bought LG GGW-H20L (FW newest YL05 updated) burner and tried to burn CD, DVD+R and DVD+RW with success.
But I can’t write blu-ray files as Blu-Ray disc using Nero 9 and ImgBurn.
I used 3 images - one iso and two BD files (15, 16.5 and 20.5 Gb each) and always got error in writing.
ImgBurn log:

I 11:42:30 ImgBurn Version started!
I 11:42:30 Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition (6.0, Build 6001 : Service Pack 1)
I 11:42:30 Total Physical Memory: 2Â 095Â 488 KB - Available: 1Â 387Â 112 KB
W 11:42:30 Drive Z:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size.
W 11:42:30 AnyDVD can interfere with ImgBurn’s ability to verify accurately, please ensure it’s disabled!
I 11:42:30 Initialising SPTI…
I 11:42:30 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices…
E 11:42:30 Failed to check for ImgBurn update!
I 11:42:31 Found 1 DVD-ROM, 1 BD-ROM and 1 BD-RE/HD DVD-ROM!
I 11:43:26 Operation Started!
I 11:43:26 Building Image Tree…
I 11:43:41 Corrected file system selection for Blu-ray Video disc.
I 11:43:54 Calculating Totals…
I 11:43:54 Preparing Image…
I 11:43:54 Contents: 175 Files, 9 Folders
I 11:43:54 Size: 16Â 869Â 904Â 797 bytes
I 11:43:54 Sectors: 8Â 237Â 368
I 11:43:54 Image Size: 16Â 871Â 784Â 448 bytes
I 11:43:54 Image Sectors: 8Â 238Â 176
I 11:43:59 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:32
I 11:43:59 Operation Started!
I 11:43:59 Source File: -==//[BUILD IMAGE]/==-
I 11:43:59 Source File Sectors: 8Â 238Â 176 (MODE1/2048)
I 11:43:59 Source File Size: 16Â 871Â 784Â 448 bytes
I 11:43:59 Source File Application Identifier: ImgBurn v2.4.2.0
I 11:43:59 Source File Implementation Identifier: ImgBurn
I 11:43:59 Source File File System(s): UDF (2.50)
I 11:43:59 Destination Device: [1:0:0] HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L YL05 (X:) (ATA)
I 11:43:59 Destination Media Type: BD-RE (Disc ID: LGEBRE-S01-00) (Speeds: 2x)
I 11:43:59 Destination Media Sectors: 11Â 826Â 176
I 11:43:59 Write Mode: BD
I 11:43:59 Write Type: DAO
I 11:43:59 Write Speed: MAX
I 11:43:59 BD-RE FastWrite: No
I 11:43:59 Link Size: Auto
I 11:43:59 Test Mode: No
I 11:43:59 OPC: No
I 11:43:59 BURN-Proof: Enabled
I 11:43:59 Filling Buffer… (40 MB)
I 11:44:00 Writing LeadIn…
I 11:45:06 Writing Session 1 of 1… (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 8238175)
I 11:45:06 Writing Track 1 of 1… (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 8238175)
W 11:45:11 Failed to Write Sectors 1504 - 1535 - Reason: Write Error – Auto-Reallocation Failed
W 11:45:11 Retrying (1 of 20)…
I 11:45:11 Writing Sectors…
W 12:10:20 Failed to Write Sectors 651680 - 651711 - Reason: Write Error – Auto-Reallocation Failed
W 12:10:20 Retrying (1 of 20)…
E 12:14:27 Failed to Write Image!
I 12:14:27 Exporting Graph Data…
I 12:14:27 Graph Data File: C:\Users\Mateusz\AppData\Roaming\ImgBurn\Graph Data Files\HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_GGW-H20L_YL05_20-STYCZEŃ-2009_11-43_LGEBRE-S01-00_MAX.ibg
I 12:14:27 Export Successfully Completed!
E 12:14:27 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:30:28
I 12:14:27 Average Write Rate: 866 KB/s (0.2x) - Maximum Write Rate: 4Â 983 KB/s (1.1x)

Is there an incompatibility with the included LG BD-RE media, corrupted media, bug in newest firmware YL05 or is there a problem with my burner?

Thx in advance for help. I’m new in this thread…

There are many reports about this LG BD-RE blanks (MID LGEBRE-S01-00) so it is safe to assume the bundled media is bad. Buy Verbatim, Sony or TDK and if you can get the ones that “Made in Japan”.


Having also very recently purchased one of these drives, I did some testing with the included bd-re disc. Here is what I found…
I did a full disc erase, and then burned 22GB of data as udf2.5 using the Power2Go bundled software. Burn took 1 hour 48 minutes. TRT in nero discspeed showed that the burn was reasonable (graph was a bit jumpy at the start, but flattened out completely at about the 5GB point). After this I noticed a few unusual things:

  • I went to scan disc (in nero discspeed), and rather than displaying the disc contents in the lower window, it simply said “unsupported file system”. Does anyone know why that would be?
  • the scan disc test itself was possible, and it said that the disc had 100% good sectors, although the last 3 sectors in the display were coloured yellow. Should they not have been qualified as damaged?
  • when I browsed the disc using windows explorer, and right click->properties, it says the disc file system is RAW, even though I specified udf2.5 in power2go…

These 2 file system issues (Unsupported file system displayed in nero and RAW file system displayed in XP) I googled, and apparently mean that the file system on the disc is damaged in some way. However, using windows explorer I can browse the disc and copy its contents without any problem. Power2Go also correctly identifies that the disc is udf2.5. All a bit strange…

Can all these issues be attributed to a bad media as zaina has mentioned? How well rated is Power2Go? Would people recommend using different software for blu-ray burning?


Whats funny is that I got the ggw-h20l that included this disc. Once written to it was not eraseable so I was upset to say the least. I then got the gbw-h20l and was able to erase and reuse the LG BDRE in this drive. Interesting isnt it.

I’vo got the Drive and i have no problems writing any BD-RE Media, so far so good. :cool:

But i have problems writing DVD+R DL Verbatim Media, i get the error: PMA Update Failure. The Data has been written but the Session isn’t closed.

The second problem is that the drive does not recognize the media which was inserted. (DVD-R/+R, RW)
But if i eject and close the drive tray, the drive recognize the media very well.

Do somebody have any ideas whats wrong?

PS My Motherboard is ASUS P4P800 deluxe and has INTEL Sata ICH5R Controller