Wiring PC front audio to sound card (kind of newbie)



Hi everyone,

I have Lenovo PC and the motherboard is marked L-IG41M, so I guess it’s one of the zillions of variations on the Intel G41. As a temporary fix, I bought a cheap sound card (Musiland) while I decide on which USB DAC will make all my dreams come true.

I’d like to hook up the front audio/mic to the sound card, but am having trouble with the wiring.

The PC front audio “header” has 13 pins (plus 1 empty space) while the cable coming from the front panel has 9 wires connecting to the plug.

The front audio “header” on the sound card has 9 pins (plus 1 empty space) so to my noob eyes, that’s a match: 9 wires, 9 pins.

The problems are that I have yet to find any manufacturer reference to tell me what the wiring and pins on the motherboard correspond to. So far, everything I’ve found for G41 boards shows 10 (9 + 1 blank) pins on the header.

The other issue is that the manual to the sound card only diagrams 4 out of the 9 pins: one for left audio, one for right audio, one for microphone, and one for ground. In other words, the arrows for each description just point at one pin. I’m guessing that I’m not understanding a wiring fundamental here.

Further complicating matters, I’m trying to work through this in another language (Chinese).

And no, the company that sold the PC to my school has been of no help…crummy after-sales service is a global phenomenon.

So, any help with what my next step should be? I really don’t want to drag the computer somewhere for service; with some helpful guidance and advice, this strikes me as a pretty straightforward DIY.

Finally, if it helps to describe the wiring:

Motherboard connector, top row, left to right: white, brown, blue, naked pin, (thin) black, naked pin, empty space.

Motherboard connector, bottom row, left to right: naked pin, naked pin, yellow, red, green, gray, (thick) black.

(As labeled) Sound card connector, top row, left to right: left audio, naked pin, right audio, naked pin, microphone.

(As labeled) Sound card connector, bottom row, left to right: naked pin, empty space, naked pin, naked pin, ground.

Thanks for any thoughts…sorry if that rambled or if my descriptions aren’t industry standard.


Did you find the resolution for this? I am trying to find the Pin configuration for the 14 pin layout as well.