Wiring DVDR and VCR to RF Modulator

Hello, please help me with the following wiring.

I have a TV with only one coaxial, to which I want to hook up the following equipment:

  1. Cable box (DishNet Work)
  2. VCR
  3. DVDR Lite- on LVW 5005X.
  4. RF Modulator: 1 coaxial cable in and 1 coaxial to TV, and 1 set of A/V Video output
    The purpose is to transfer all my VHS to DVD while being able to monitor the setup and transfer on the TV.

What did I do wrong according to this hookup?

  1. From cable box:- AV&V Out to AV&V to VCR AV&V In
    - Ant Out to VCR Ant In
  2. From VCR: - Ant Out to RF Modulator In
    - AV&V out to DVDR In
  3. From DVDR: - AV&V out to RF Modulator
  4. Fom Modulator: - Ant Out to TV.

Result: - Watching TV as usual
- Playing VCR audio only, no Video.

Thank you for your help.

Welcom to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

To me, it looks like your setup should work, however there seems to be a loose video cable somewhere, particularly if you are getting audio, but no video. :rolleyes:

If you get your Lite-On picture, ensure that you choose the source where the VCR is connected to (press the ‘Source’ button to switch between them). If no picture shows, but you hear audio, try unplugging the AV cables and swap two colours, such as the white with the yellow on both ends. If you get a picture now, then the yellow RCA cable is faulty. Otherwise, plug the cables back in with the proper colours and try a different AV input, such as the front AV inputs instead of the rear and switch the source to ‘Front AV’. If a picture appears this time, then there is a faulty video port on the original Lite-On ports you’ve tried. Otherwise, if you still do not get a picture, finally try connecting the VCR directly to the RF Modulator just to check if the Video RCA output on the VCR is working at all.

If you do manage to get this issue sorted out (such as finding a faulty/loose cable), then I would recommend connecting up your equipment using the following method, assuming that you will be removing your VCR once the transfer of tapes has complete:

[li]Connect the TV/AV-Out of your DVD Recorder to the RF-Modulator
[/li][li]Connect the Cable decoder to the rear AV-In on your DVD recorder
[/li][li]Connect the VCR TV/AV-Out to the front AV-In on your DVD Recorder
[/li][li]Connect the RF cables in the sequence - Aerial->Cable Decoder->DVD Recorder->RF Modulator->TV If you still use your VCR instead of the DVD recorder for recording TV, substitute the DVD recorder for the VCR in this sequence.

Hopefully one of these attempts will work. :wink:

Hi Sean,
I read your post and thank you for your reply. It was a loose connection. Now it works as you say.
BTW I plan to replace my 5005X (manufacture problems) with a 5116GHC+. Is this a good one?

Nice to see it was just a simple issue. :slight_smile:

The LVW-5116GHC+ has pretty much the same features as the LVW-5005x for DVD recording. For playback, the LVW-5116GHC+ offers MPEG4 playback and is a DivX certified player, which means that it can play purchased and leased DivX content, as the LVW-500x series offers no MPEG4 or DivX playback capabilities. The LVW-500x series on the other hand has the advantage of being able to record Audio to CD-R/RW and record Video to Video / Super Video CD-R/RW also. The LVW-5116GHC+ cannot record to CD-R/RW.

So far, I have hardly heard of any issues with any of LVW-511x series breaking down, unlike the 5005’s which I hear problems quite regularly. Unfortunately as I don’t have either player handy, I cannot comment on picture quality or usability of either model. The only advice I could give is if you don’t need to be able to record audio or video CDs, then I would recommend going for the LVW-5116GHC+ model. :wink: