Wireless Xbox FTP



Hey there! I connect to my internet via Wireless.

My wireless computer with a D-Link card connects to my D link router, a DI-624 with no problem. Everything else in my house connects that way. Now that i’ve moved my xbox to my room, I want to connect my xbox to my PC that connects wirelessly.

SO it should go Internet-Router —(wireless)—PC—(WIRED INTO PC)----XBOX

I’ve connected my xbox like this (see below) before and it worked

Internet-Router—(WIRED)----PC #2-----(WIRED INTO ROUTER)----XBOX

Any special settings I should have on my xbox/pc?

Also, is says my Local Area connection is unpluged. “A Network cable is unplugged” But my actual internet works fine. what do I do??


When you connect your Xbox NIC port to your PC nic port directly you will require a cross-UTP cable. If you want to use the internet on your xbox, you should define your pc as the gateway as well.

Why not connect your xbox to one of the ports of the Internet router? Doesn’t it have any physical ports?