Wireless USB adapter with dial up?

I bought an Azio wireless usb adapter to try and hook up my nintendo wii to the internet with dial up. I can’t get past it always saying it’s not connected. I went through windows setup wizard a million times with no avail. Also tried the drivers from the disc that came with it, and then downloaded the drivers from the website which took me two hours to do on dial up. I still cant’ get it to say its connected ( i’m talking my pc when the adapter is plugged in). The adapter lights up the drivers look good. I just don’t what the heck i’m doing. Any wireless pros out there to give a helping hand? It would be appreciated.

I’m running windows XP and here is the product.


So you’re trying to connect your PC to the Wii with a Wifi connection and dial up using the PC or…? I suppose that could be done by Internet Connection Sharing but I don’t think it’ll be any good even if you can make it connect. You certainly won’t be able to play online multiplayer and even downloading stuff for the VC or various updates will take ages.

Chriso yes that is correct using the PC. I dont’ want to play any online games. I just want to beable to get updates maybe have the opera browser. Trust me I have paitence I have for years I can only get dial up so I must.