Wireless TV Antenna Connection?


Is there a device on the market that would allow me to get a signal from my over the air TV antenna without having to run a cable hookup to it? I want to get a broadcast signal to a TV in the attic without having to run a cable to it. Is this possible?


Here are a few:

There are many others.


These look like antenna in themselves … I’m looking for something that I can use with my existing OTA broadcast so I will see the same stations I see that are hooked up to the outside antenna.


Google is your friend.


If the TV signal in your area is reasonably strong, you can try getting an antenna that plugs directly into the TV. Many of the newer set-top antennas are flat and can be hidden behind a cabinet, picture frame or even the TV itself:


If you have a satellite dish, you may be able to use an existing coaxial cable to carry both the satellite and TV signal using a diplexer. In the room with the TV, you would connect the cable to another diplexer, which splits the TV and satellite signals out to two leads again. In the UK and Ireland, this will work with Free-to-air, Freesat and Sky dishes, with the exception of Sky Q.


What would be good search words to get me to the device that I need?

I live in a rural area and have a multi directional outdoor antenna on the roof. The nearest broadcast area is 40 miles away. I have no satellite only a OTA antenna. Running cable upstairs is not an option.

I am looking at the device you provided a link to … still not sure it is what I need.

I don’t want a middleman … I just want something … if it exist … that will allow me to look at my OTA broadcast without running another cable`.


This might be an option.



This sounds interesting Have not done it myself so not sure


I don’t think this will take a coax cable input or transmit HD signals.