Wireless Total Newbe

I am trying to set up a small wireless network at home, have a DSL modem, switch, and a wireless access point, when i enter the url specified in the manual i get a time out message
i think its because i have an incompatable subnet according to the trouble shooting section,

My IP is (ipconfig from CMD) manual calls for 192.168.1.xxx is it possible to change mine to something closer to 192.168.1.xxx


Have you tried going to your command prompt and entering: IPCONFIG /RELEASE then IPCONFIG /RENEW (make sure you enter the space between INCONFIG and /.

What should that give???
The 1 is the external IP, the other is the internal one.

If it’s not, then change it in the TCP/IP and connector prefs. Then restart.

i believe there is way to fill in your own ip adres and subnetmask and standard gateway, i am not sure though couse at school i only made networks with computers that had windows 98 SE so i might be wrong

i asked a classmate and it is indeed possible but he does not know acactly how it works sorry

Plug your Modem into the WAN jack and you computer into any of the for router inputs (I am assuming a 4 port router) the PC should aquire a new network address. If it does not, check your internet settings. Your Modem setup software may have set a static address. If you have XP or 2000, run “Control Panel” and click on “Network Settings” Select your LAn connection and open the next dialog. Scroll to the TCP/IP Connecton at the bottom and click 'Properties"
Make sure that the “Obtain IP Address Automatically” is checked and there is no address entered in the lower boxes. Selecting the automatic will clear the static address.
Now Click Start and run CMD in the command prompt type IPCONFIG and see if it has grabbed a 192.168.x.x address from your router. If not type Ipconfig/renew and you should be on your way