Wireless Printing Problems with Windows 8

Hi I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but thought it worth a try. I’ve recently installed my printer on my new Windows 8 laptop and it will only print half a page at a time.
My hubby’s laptop and our desktop work fine on windows 7 and vista which has led me to the assumption its windows 8?
It’s an Epson SX235W, has anyone experienced any similar issues and any ideas on a fix please, cos its driving me crazy!

Thanks :cool:

H, here’s a link to Epson’s “user reviews” and I’ve got these listed in Lowest Rating order, so the opening reviews are completely negative, with “WiFi problems” at the top of most unhappy users’ lists. I didn’t scroll down to find “half page printing” difficulties, but you might do a scan for that phrase.

The problem of most wireless stuff. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=artonbsara;2694043]The problem of most wireless stuff. :)[/QUOTE]

I have to agree. There has always been troubles with devices like these.

You did try driver version 6.92 ?