Wireless pc?

i have a canon mp560 that is wireless and it works great with my laptop, but i have to use a cable to connect it to my older pc that is running xp. my question, is there a card or something that i can add to the desktop pc to make it wifi enabled to connect with the printer

Look for a “wireless usb adapter” I have little experience with these so I cannot tell you if one is better than the other. But it is the easiest and quickest solution.

If you are comfortable installing PC components and have a spare PCI slot on the old computers motherboard, you can get a PCI wireless adapter which will not take up a usb slot.

If you are in the USA, Newegg has specials on these adapters every few days for ~$10.

thank you thats what i was hoping

$9.40 and USB.

If you are talking about the Ethernet Data Cable from your PC to your Router, that is a better connection for your PC than Wireless. If you are talking about a USB Cable to your Printer then you have a problem. So the connection to your Printer should be through the Data Cable. :cool: