Wireless networking help/advise

I’m having trouble setting up a computer wirelessly in my dad’s garage, the range comes up a bit short. The modem/router is a Westell Versalink Mdl 327W and the current wireless adapter I’m using is a Netgear WG111(but I wouldn’t mind getting another for this computer). Where the Modem/Router is at the moment is around 100ft in a straight line from the computer, I can move it closer without too much of a problem(about 75ft from the garage computer). I’ve tested the Router’s range and it seems to handle up to around 60 ft ok, so it seems I’m just alittle outa it’s range.
So the first question is can I boost the range of the Router or get a stronger receiving adapter, or do I need to get another Router? If I need another Wireless Router how do I setup the Westell(ie do i need to disable anything on it to avoid conflicts)?
The second question is what wireless adapter would you advise me to pick up? Kinda having difficulting seeing the difference between most. This computer will see use cruising the internet, but won’t require a real fast connection(not that dsl is that fast anyway).

Some easy and costless suggestions:

The distance through air is not so much a problem, but distance through walls and solid objects will diminish the range pretty quickly. Try to see if there’s any way you can move the wireless router around so that you minimize the amount of walls and solid objects between it and the computer. moving the computer around may also be an option.

When you don’t have line-of-sight between your wireless router and wireless adapter, the radio signals reflected off walls might be important, and sometimes it can help to move one or both of the router/adapter away from the wall - even a few inches can help sometimes.

Rotating the antenna on the router could also in theory help.

External antenna’s, or directional antenna’s are relatively cheap these days … or perhaps just getting something like a rangemax router from netgear, which violates practically every aspect of the 802.11 standards, but gets you more signal strength & hence distance.

Alrighty I’ll see what I can do along those lines, thanks for the advise both of you.