Wireless Network Troubles

Hi, I’m having a trouble with one of my computers and my wireless network

I’m trying to connect 2 machines to the network, both machines have D-Link DWL-G520+ 54Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter’s installed and I’m using a Netgear DG834G 54Mbps Wireless 4-Port ADSL Router to share my broadband on the network, both machines are running XP

my main machine connected the the rounter straight away and with a bit of messing about I had the router transmitting the broadband in about 20mins, the other machine is proving alot more difficult though, it sees the network and when you tell it to connect and it pops up and tells you that it’s connected and has an excellent signal strength but it isn’t seeing my main machine and it isn’t able to do anything online either, I’ve even tried going to cmd and telling it to ping the router’s IP but it can’t reach it, I’ve even tried a fresh install of windows but still no luck and I’ve tried it with and without SP1 installed

It connected and worked for about 20 secs at one stage after rebooting and I was able to go to a website but then it stopped recieving and has never done it again, when I double click the network icon beside the clock the sent bytes keeps going up but the recieved bytes stay’s at 0 or the odd time starts going up for a few secs then stops

Any help would be greatly appreciated


have you checked the routers configuration from the machine that is able to get to the internet? did you run network setup wizard on both computers? are they both on the same workgroup? is it set up to use encryption by some odd chance?

Hi, thanks for the reply, I’ve checked the routers config and it seems fine, both machines are in the same workgroup and I’ve ran network setup wizard but still no luck and there’s no encrytion set

The computer isn’t even telling me that it’s connected to the network anymore it just shows the network as being available but when I tell it to connect it does nothing

this is proly stupid, but unplug / replug the router? its worked for me in the past. im all wired here, i can check the wireless config @ my folks this weekend if you are still having trouble. been too long since i set it up.

tried unplugging it… still no luck but thanks for your help anyway

I’ve got the same router as you, & also had a hell of a time setting it up, I have the 834G as the prime unit, with a WG602 additional access point to extend the range to feed a PC upstairs via WG311 PCI wireless card, also have a 311 card on the 3rd PC behind me here, I ended up ringing the UK support helpline ( 0870-112-1206 ) & the very helpful asian guy on the other end eventually managed to get my system up & running, the problem turned out to be in my LAN settings somewhere, the range on the 834G was somewhat dissapointing, so had to resort to the 602 to get a decent signal upstairs, still only managing around 50% max at times, so have purchased a 25ft cable to extend the 602 through the floor upstairs etc, if you haven’t managed to sort your system out, give the support no a ring, they certainly helped me out…Tony