Wireless mouse and keyboard problem



Have had a problem with my wireless mouse and keyboard all of a sudden would not be seen by my computer. I have worked on this off and on for over a month. I finally figured out that my grandson was turning of the computer by turning of the power strip without turning off windows xp first. The only problem was that it would take me forever to figure out each time how to get it back to working. I was able to determine that I could go to the motherboard (GA-MA68VM-S2 by Gigabyte) clear the cmos and then restart the computer. Then using a standard keyboard to reset the CMOS settings and it would then find the wireless receiver and allow the wireless mouse and keyboard to work. I then did some more testing and found that I could just go to the CMOS setting and toggle the USB Keyboard and mouse from enable to disable and it would then go back to working. It does not matter if I have it disabled and enable If the power is lost to the computer the wireless keyboard and mouse stops working until I clear the CMOS or toggle the USB keyboard and mouse settings in the CMOS. I sent Gigabyte a email about this problem. Just thought I would share this in case someone else has this problem.


How many times has the grandson been re-booted since you found out?:bigsmile:


Cannot reboot him my grandkids make my day. My old age is the best time of my life because I have grandkids.


Yes I agree with you. I have had similar problems with both my sons when they were young and now with the grandchildren.
Isn’t life grand.