Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Suggestions

Well my old 1994 logitech trackman marble is starting to show its age recently and im using a keyboard thrown out by the local pc shop :slight_smile: so its about time for an upgrade,

as the title says does anybody have any suggestions for a nice wireless keyboard and mouse?

these two look pretty decent but i know nothing about this sort of stuff so any input is welcome :iagree: looking to spend no more than £40 / $73.26USD / 128.11NLG / 92.57CAD / 73,362.64KRW incl delivery (everybody happy with the currencies? :slight_smile: ), maybe more if its something special :slight_smile:

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop USB - OEM

Logitech OEM Rechargable Cordless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Black PS2/USB

Logitech Rechargable sounds good, I currently have the Microsoft Wireless Natural Keyboard and Explorer wireless mouse which I like but the Keyboard is split in half making typing for me even more difficult for my two finger typing. The batteries last quite some time for me but rechargable is probably less of a PIA.:wink:

i’ve got the same MS wireless set (i much prefer the natural split keyboards - have 2 of em - eases the stress on the wrists). i do however switch over to my wired intellimouse explorer (1st gen) for gaming…

it’s a bit pricy and i would hesitate to recommend it for those not interested in split keyboards though.

I’ve always thought wireless keyboards were rather pointless, unless you have a huge screen media station.

I’d be very wary of “OEM” models, if you like the twiddly bits, the OEM versions can be excruciatingly basic, with nothing like the controls and driver capabilities you get on a Chinese no-name.

I doubt if Aldi have any of their wireless keyboard/mouse sets left, but it might be worth asking if you have one nearby.

The “rechargeables” can vary - some have a charging holster for the mouse (and probably ignore the keyboard, which runs a lot longer on alkalines - others just seem to be a “normal” set, supplied with NiMH and a charger (I kid you not!).

I’m running a Logitech OEM Desktop - a very limited multimedia keyboard, a 3 button mouse, and cack drivers - I’m back to CHIC next time I need a mouse, their 1410 is a dream and the driver features are FAB!

The one thing I DO like about the Logitech mouse - it NEVER SLEEPS!
Unlike some, that need a button click or wheel turn after 2 minutes, this is always ready, and yet still runs for about a month on alkalines, a bit less on NiMH 1300 (yes, it uses AA, not weedy little AAA).

The trick?
The sensor/illumination is pulsed…
1500 per second (bright) while moving
100/s (dim) in “hot standby”
10/s (fast flash) after 30 seconds idle - “warn standby”
2/s (blink) - “cold standby”

It can ALWAYS respond to movement.

i find having a wireless keyboard for one of my PCs extremely useful since i have both machines/monitors and respective peripherals on one desk. one KB is usually moved around all over the place to make room for various reasons and i can’t imagine the royal PITA it would be if it weren’t wireless…

thanks for the suggestions guys, im actually looking at possibly getting another trackball mouse but this time a wireless one only problem is its £35 w delivery :frowning:

and just a cheap wireless keyboard

you could go for this keyboard:

After using MS for years I decided to go with Logitech this time. I purchased the LX 700. The reason I went with Logitech is because I just built a new system and the MS keyboards and mice look very bulky to me. Logitech has a slimmer/streamline design IMO. I paid $89.95 CAD at Staples.

What do people see in trackball?..I never understood.

well ive been using one for 11 years so you kinda get used to it :), plus you dont have to keep moving your hand.

Staples have a cheap (60% off) Logitech cordless set.

Over several machines, I’ve used many input devices.

  1. Wired mouse (ball) - never again!
  2. Wired mouse (optical) - much better, and the drivers had a function which added “scroll region follows pointer” to applications that didn’t already do that.
  3. Glidepad (WOW!) my favourite, built in to a keyboard - and after getting used to the difficult tap/hold combination, it was stunningly fast.
  4. Cordless mouse (Typhoon model) - suffered the “stock fault” of a mains adapter failing, replaced by a spare all-purpose.
  5. Trackball (actually before the glidepad)
    Had an older one with buttons well spaced from the ball, then a later one wit the buttons around it - easier to work one-handed.
    Like the glidepad, the action takes a little bit of practice, to make use of free-spin (a larger/heavier ball than the “marble” types), where you make small movements in contact, and simple chop it in the right direction for larger.

Going back to the glidepad, I found that edge motion or locking drag was essential - either enables you to move something by more than a pad-width.

i highly recommend the logitech MX1000. I had the MX700 b4 i got the 1000 model, im impressed. gr8 mouse. all buttons are on the mouse, scrolling, back page/forward, switch open browers etc etc. dont really need to use KB when using the net. sasarchiver

i’ve got an MX1000 as well and have been impressed with its features and performance…it is a bit pricey however…

Well i left it a while but i finally went and bought an MX1000 seems good so far but abit annoying as im not quite used to it yet, now i need a nice keyboard to replace the 10 year old half beige half yellow thing im currently running :slight_smile:

Don’t buy the keyboard off the net, or at least not untill you’ve tried it out first. Keyboard feel makes a hell of a lot of difference after a while, i prefer the feel of the microsoft keyboards to logitech ones even though i prefer logitech in general for options.

Try them in a shop to see what it’s going to be like, if you ask nicely they’ll let you take it out of the packaging to have a little play, then make non committal noises and walk away…