Wireless Internet - Need Help!

Hi all, I’m Alex. I accidentally clicked on my highspeed connection button today and it suddenly ENABLED itself. I am using Preseario 2500 Compaq Laptop. Now I am connected at 400.00 Mbps but it doesn’t work! Why? I double click it and it says
Status: Connected
Duration: 00:28:14
Speed: 400.00 Mbps
Signal Strength:

Sent:0 Recieve:0

When I click support it says
Address Name -<UNAVAILIABLE>
Default Gateway - <UNAVAILIABLE>

I don’t understand. Help me get this connection please?
When I click porperties, it says i’m connecting using a “1394 Net Adapter”

When I click “Configuration”
The Device Status box says:
"This device is working properly.

If you are having problems with this device, click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter."

Help :bow: please?

sounds like you have the 1394 (firewire) network adapter enabled (for transfering files over firewire). its the only thing i can think of which would make you think your connected at 400mb/s.

if you wanna disable it goto your networking connections in your control panel. Right click on “1394 Connection” the left click on disable.

Lol that will teach me to read the whole post. I read the first paragraph and determined your problem then i typed out the reply. But anyways follow the “directions” and disable it that way. This will NOT disable your firewire port btw. only the network computer to computer ability of it. (and make that pesky box dissappear. As to why it says your connected i dont know. When i had mine enabled it never showed me as connected. Maybe you have a firewire device attached to it like a video camera or external hard drive