Wireless headphones

Hey, have any of you tried out different brands of wireless headphones? I’m new to the headphone market, and the only brand I’ve heard of was Sennheiser. I was thinking about getting RS40’s or RS45’s, but figured there might be something of equal quality for a lower price. Any suggestions?
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Originally posted by Farad
there might be something of equal quality for a lower price.

In my mind, there are no headphones of better quality like Sennheiser.
A friend of mine used to have his hi-end store and we used to test a great number of different headphones there
and I can assure you there was nothing close to the Sennheiser’s sound’s purity, precision and melodiousness.

I’ve had mine ( not wireless though, HD 580 Precision for $200, btw the price is still the same )
since 6 years ago and am to the highest grade delighted w the sound and stuff.

Read [COLOR=indigo]review

Here’s my advice - save on something else instead, but go for Sennheiser without even thinking twice ! [/COLOR]


i hated my wireless headphones. I bought thwem at sharper image for 80 bucks before i relized they were only mono and they wouldn’t take them back b/c there wasn’t anything wrong with them:a .
Not only did the sound suck but there was so much interference from more than 30 feet away, it mad me so mad.:a

Mono?! Oh god…
Anyone have a friend who knows a friend who has some Sennheiser wirelesses?

By the way, the guy in the room beside me has a Sharper Image stereo, and I have to say that the sound is pathetic. The treble is screaming and tinny, and there is no bass. Thanks for the heads up, I think I’ll steer clear of SI.

check ebay - there were a lot of listings for them.